Canaan Perry grew up on the Acid Rock sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Cream before discovering Heavy Metal in the late 80s. He has also been influenced by Folk, 70s Fusion and Free Jazz.

With a keen interest in electronic tinkering, Perry modifies all his guitars for maximum sonic diversity. He employs a legion of effects pedals and devices to explore the very edges of music and sound, inspired by the work of such greats as Les Paul, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Lindsey Buckingham.

He has experience playing diverse musical styles, from playing guitar in pub rock bands, to work in theater productions. He has assimilated this experience into his own exciting sonic concoction.

As well as enhancing the work of other singer songwriters, he is well versed at recording instrumental music. His distinctive layered sound places guitars at the forefront of the harmonic picture.

Perry is currently working on an album with Perth’s talented new rock trio Fat Labrador, due for release in 2014.

In 2012, he helped form the experimental sound project Perry and Pollock, collaborating with fellow Perth musician, Stephen Pollock, to produce a range of spontaneous Science Fiction sound scapes.

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