Ubuntu Studio, Jack and Ardour

I recently put a new tune of mine up on Myspace. Click here to listen.

It’s a work in progress, but I just wanted to get something up that better reflects what I’m doing right now. Some of the other songs are nearly 10 years old!

It was recorded on Ubuntu Studio, with Jack and Ardour. It was mastered using Audacity. The drums were a simple loop I quickly programmed in Hydrogen. Other than the drums, the song only has two additional tracks – lead guitar and rhythm guitar. It’s about as bare bones as it gets!

For this recording I used my Custom Guitar workshop LP Custom, Custom Guitar Workshop TE2, a Peavey Rage 158 Transtube amp, Behringer VM1 Vintage Echo, Behringer microphones, and my Epiphone Triggerman 60DSP Combo amp.

I’m pretty happy with the overall sound. It’s quite astounding what you can achieve in your own home now thanks to improvements in recording technology. I should mention, these programs are 100% free, which makes things a lot easier. Google their names to find out more and download them yourself. Ubuntu Studio is absolutely amazing. I use Linux as my general Operating System on my laptop, but also have a PC with Ubuntu Studio on it, just for recording purposes. The OS comes fully loaded with everything you need to record, master and burn music. It even has software like GIMP (an image manipulation program, like Adobe Photoshop) that you can use to make your own album artwork & covers. It’s like an artist’s dream. You can get more info here if you’re interested.


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