Custom Guitar Workshop TE-1

Old faithful: TE1




Here’s old faithful. The First axe I purchased from Custom Guitar Workshop through Australasia Music Workshop’s eBay Australia store. I paid $250 AU for it (+ $39 AU postage). I didn’t know what to expect at the time but I was really surprised with how great it played and sounded.

It was originally a top loader but I have recently drilled out the bridge holes and installed ferrules in the back and turned it into a backloader. Cost about $14AU. This gave a real lift to the sound which was already very good anyway but everything can be tweaked. I also did a set-up to get rid of some fret buzz – part of which was remedied by adding a small amount of relief to the neck – about a 1/8 to a 1/4 of a turn anti-clockwise on the truss rod. The neck feels great – maple with a maple fretboard sandwiched onto it. Plays very quick and the finish is nice and smooth.

The GFS pickups are great again, especially the neck which is real smooth and sweet sounding – nice for Jazz and mellow blues; but I’ve had some problems with the bridge PUP feeding back at very high volumes. I have repotted it but I’ve found that I get a low pitched feedback now, rather than a high pitched microphonic squeal. It may need to be replaced. Apart from this it’s a real rocking pickup with great articulation and it’s also reasonably hot for a single coil – it can really give a great overdriven sound. I’ve also done a full internal shielding job with adhesive-backed copper tape which has all but eliminated any of the dreaded single coil hum when you take your hands off the strings. To see how to do this go to:

The tones that come out this baby are everything from classic Tele Country twang, To rockabilly, to Blues and Jazz, to out and and out Hard Rock. It does it all well; it’s like a jack of all trades and the master of all of them. A total workhorse and a real killer tone machine. I always go back to it as it just fits my body and seems so easy to play. Although I also have The Te-3 (looks great but needs some work) and the Te-Custom (amazing guitar); this one will always be a keeper for me. Here’s the specs:

Body: Basswood
Neck: Hard Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Inlays: MM Black Pearl Dot
Bridge: Vintage
Finish: Ivory White
Machines: Kluson
Bridge Pickup: GFS Alnico- Hot
Lead I06
Neck Pickup: GFS Custom Wound
Vintage Alnico
Controls: Single Volume
Single Tone,
3 way selector switch.
Scale: 24 1/2″


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