Custom Guitar Workshop K7 Jet II

Sublime guitar!








Shown in the pics above is my recently purchased Custom Guitar Workshop (CGW) K7 Jet II. I’ve bought a stack of these CGW guitars and will be posting on every one of them as time allows.

The Jet II is an absolutely fantastic guitar with a huge meaty tone, massive sustain and also pretty hot pickups. It sounds a lot like a Les Paul Standard (yes I have owned one of those in the past); but you also get a hefty Wilkinson Tremolo with a full-sized sustain block. All the hardware has a flat aluminium or maybe satin chrome type of look to it – very anti-bling and it makes the woods stand out even more. The Jet II has some serious sonic thickness going on. It’s also weighty and looks like a boutique, imported African coffee table. Very cool guitar for hard rock, blues and does some nice Jazz tones too when you run it clean with some echo and chorus. I picked it up on eBay a few months back for an incredible $400-$450 at should point out too that these guys at Australasia Music Workshop quite often put guitars on special and you can pick up some incredible bargains. They may have some small cosmetic flaws, but nothing that affects the playability of the instrument. My Jet has no flaws that I can detect.

The Custom Guitar Workshop site is at http://www.customguitarworkshop.combut the prices are higher, presumably these won’t have cosmetic flaws.

K7 Jet II specs:

Body: Solid Bubinga top and Carolina back
Neck: Nato Neckthrough
Inlays: Opal Dot
Bridge: Wilkinson Tremolo – has a full sized steel block
Finish: Natural Satin
Machines: Wilkinson
Pickup: GFS Lil Hot Blade Humbucker (not sure if these are stilll made by GFS – not listed on their site)
Controls: 2 Volume
1 Tone,
3 way selector switch
Scale: 24 3/4″

I also recently installed a phase reversal (DPDT) switch in between the volumes and tone knob so I can throw the humbuckers out of phase with one another when both pickups are selected. It’s a simple and useful mod, especially on a guitar like this where the tone is so thick. Reversing the phase of the pickups subracts some of the bass harmonics from the sound, and provides a nasal trebley sound – it’s an almost Fender-like twang. You get one extra sound and it only costs about $2.50 AU for the switch and about 45 minutes of your time. I drilled a hole in the guitar’s body smack in the middle of the tone and volume knobs to mount the switch but all went well and it looks cool. If you’re interested in how to do this see:


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